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date: 27.12.2005
autor: mysska
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Hi friends! Good site!

date: 27.11.2005
autor: Matt
entry: 9

Nice site... Good luck!

date: 22.08.2005
autor: marcus tupou
entry: 8

Like this book very much and recomended for all age group. TONGAN FO LIFE

date: 19.08.2005
autor: manu tuifua & sione
entry: 7

I really appreciate the hardworking of the author. hopefully his uplifting spirit will continue on and not only for his benefit but for the tongans also. congratulations on your accomplishment and keep on the good work!

date: 19.08.2005
autor: talanoa tuifua
entry: 6

I just read the introduction of book....and I admired what a kindly personality you showed toward us Tongans.

date: 25.05.2005
autor: Semisi
entry: 5

This is an awesome book. I really enjoyed reading it. Hope to read more in the future.

date: 23.04.2005
autor: Riezler
entry: 4

Hello Michael,

great WebSite

and all the best.


date: 06.04.2004
autor: Helu
entry: 3

Great accomplishment! I am very pleased Schirmer did this. Hopefully this will catch on to the youths of Tonga.

date: 26.09.2003
autor: tongan_#_1
entry: 2

malo e lelei to all my fellow tongans and hello to everyone else!!! first off, i didn't know such a book existed until i saw the author read a little from the book he wrote for HM and was so excited so came and looked it up on the net......i am so proud of such effort to translate this book into tongan for i feel that as much as some people whom know how to read in english would like to read this book, so do as many of those who don' two thumbs up.....and give much love to the author for writing such a lovely book....

much lurv,

date: 16.07.2003
autor: Alex
entry: 1

the guestbook is open....

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